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Martyrs day From Karadala

February 20, 2016

Dear Friends,

30th January is observed as Martyrs day (on 30.01.1948 Mr. Gandhi was killed). We need to know why we have to commemorate this day as Martyrs day.

Here are a few reasons:-


  • On 13.01.1948 Gandhi began a Fast-unto-death. Reason? He demanded that Government of Bharat should make a payment of Rs.55,00,00,000.00 to Pakistan immediately (earlier Sardar Patel held back the payment, lest Pak may use the money to purchase Arms to be used in ongoing war in Kashmir).




  • Around 1946 Hindus were being systematically killed so as to eventually annihilate the Hindus in East Bengal. This was done openly under the leadership Suhrawardy’s Muslim league Government. Gandhi gave the title of “Shadid Saheb” to Suhrawardy. Why? Only Gandhi can explain.




  • Gandhi used to insist reading passages from Quran in Hindu temples in Bhangi colony, Delhi. But never dared to read Slokas in Mosques.




  • Gandhi condemned Chatrapathi Sivaji Maharaj, Rana Pratap and Guru Govind dev as ‘misguided patriots’.




  • As part of his appeasement of Muslims Gandhi agreed for separation of Sind from Bombay presidency and for creation of separate province in the North West Frontier province (Savarkar stoutly opposed separation of Sind arguing that it will lead to eventual partition of the Country)




  • Gandhi was not a member of Congress but had a stranglehold on Congress and always dictated terms which were always pro-Muslim and anti-Hindu (even the Congress will vouch for this).




  • All the Congress could do was to surrender to Gandhi’s wishes playing second fiddle to Gandhi’s eccentricity, whimsicality, metaphysics and primitive vision.




  • Moplahs in Kerala unleashed wanton terror and went on killing of Hindus on a scale which was simply unheard of in the History of bigotry. Can you believe what Gandhi did? Lo and Behold, he started a Relief Fund for the Moplahs; not to the victims. Unbelievable? Yep!!! But it’s a bitter truth.




  • When the notorious Ali brothers invited Amir of Afghanistan to invade India (after failure of Khilafat movement), Gandhi said “Ali brothers have done nothing which I would not do. If they sent a message to Amir, I also would send one”.




  • Hindustani which is supposed to be a language, has no grammar, it has no vocabulary; it is a mere dialect. It is spoken but not written. Gandhi insisted that Hindustani alone should be the national language of Bharat (because it is foisting Urdu indirectly). Some enthusiasts started using words like Badshah Ram and Begum Sita.




  • All Gandhi’s experiments were at the expense of Hindus. It was one-way-traffic in his search of theproverbial mirage called “Hindu-Muslim-Unity”.



Well, friends let us observe Martyrs day faithfully


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