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The other side of the COIN From Karadala

September 27, 2014

Along with relief material such as Food, Drinking water, Medicines and
other daily needs, our Relief forces (read Armed forces) should air drop

essential things such as

AK-47 assault rifles, Grenades, Carbines, Bombs, Arms & Ammunition,

Petrol, Acid and such other vital items.

Because more than Food & Medicine; these things are most required

to our Most Beloved Innocent Juvenile Terrorist Brothers ….

Let them shout AZADI and get drowned in Vitasta

unnamed (2)
My home in Kashmir is submerged in water. But I am not sad because it was occupied illegally by my neighbor asking me to sell it to him for peanuts? For a Kashmiri Hindu like me and many like us, the devastation happened to the entire Hindu community in 1989-90. We lost everything, our homes, our cultural heritage, our livelihood but nobody shed a tear then. Our homes occupied by KM’s were sold as distress sale- no one gave a damn because there were no images to show the plight of the hapless community.

There are some who argue that our Hindu Dharma teaches us that human being is a human being- and during this time we should be joining hands and helping the people in distress.

My response is that all human beings are not equal. What about those in-human beings who abducted
* Sarla Bhat, a nurse in Soura Medical Institute, on 19th April, 1990, and then repeatedly gang-raped and eventually killed her on 25th April?
* Girja Tikoo, a teacher from Bandipur, kidnapped, raped and eventually shred to pieces in a saw mill in June, 1990?

” Bimla Braroo from the Nai Sarak, Srinagar, who along with her daughter, Archana, was raped in the presence of her husband, Sohanlal, before all the three were killed in March, 1992?

And all these innocent people suffered only because of they were followers of Hindu Dharma. How can we forget the Kashmiri Muslims slogans:

ऐ ज़ालिमों, ऐ काफिरो, कश्मीर हमारा छोढ़ दो?

There are reports that local boatmen are refusing to rescue Hindus and Sikhs. Many KM’s still say and pray that Allah may drown the Indian army in their waters and bury them in their soil. Today, the same army is helping these thankless KM’s of Kashmir at the cost of their own lives.

While our thoughts and prayers are with our community members still in Kashmir as well as for those innocent Indian tourists stranded due to nature’s fury, I absolutely don’t have any sympathy for loss of property of all those ruthless Kashmiri Muslimss who have occupied Hindu houses even though my best friend is still a KM by the name of Mohd. Altaf Fazili.

I do not believe in गोश्ताबा GOSHTABA diplomacy but It is really unfortunate that some of our drawing room leaders are sympathizing with the traitors. I absolutely don’t have any sympathy for Geelanis, Yasin Malik’s , Shabir Shah’s or separatists who are stranded on rooftops seeking Indian Army help.

Let all of them shout आज़ादी slogans and
get drowned in Vitasta.



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