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History of defeats …. From Karadala

September 27, 2014
Please read the comments underneath the photograph …
Yasin Malik, the murderer of Indian Air Force men,
don’t hesitate to take charity from the Air Force drop ​yesterday.
unnamed (34)

When the Britishers said that:-

We Hindus, have a history of defeats and nothing more; we get angry and we protest.

When we are so Fearless, Courageous, Strong and Valiant why do we get defeated every time?

Because we have refused to change since the year 1192

Prithviraj Chauhan, was the last independent Hindu king who ruled since he was 20 years old. Prithviraj defeated Shahab-ud-din Muhammad Ghori, and pardoned him. Ghori again attacked. Again he was pardoned and this continued for 17 times. Prithviraj was a Hindu to the core and therefore, a STUPID. Innocent Muslim Brother, as he was Janab Muhammad Ghori Saheb tortured, blinded and killed Prithviraj in the unique Islamic style.

I will blame Hindus; Yep only Hindus for our proverbial defeats.

If we Hindus keep forgiving our enemies, what else will they do except to liquidate us


Yasin Malik, a Kashmiri Islamic terrorist, advocates separation of Kashmir from Bharat. He serves as the Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front. Malik underwent training on arms and ammunition in Pakistan’s training camps. He has proudly admitted to have killed a group of unarmed Indian Air Force men during the period of 1989-1994.

Our Government and our Armed forces are now shamelessly repeating what Prithviraj did 800 years ago.

If this continues, even GOD cannot save us

And we have no business to blame others for our losses.

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