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September 20, 2014
Please see the ‘comments‘ underneath the photograph ….
Bharatiya Army in full swing in Kashmir and are saving the lives of hundreds
​of thousands of Muslims.  Wait let the flood get over, the same life savers
will be Bombed, Shot at and Killed by the same rescued.
Such is the ideology and mindset of Islam (Prithviraj Chauhan
defeated Mohd Ghori 17 times and forgave him 17 times,
on the 18th attempt Evil Shaitan Ghori defeated Chouhan then
blinded Chouhan with hot iron bar, tied him at the back of
the horse and made the horse run like hell.
Today’s ISIS is no different from
Islamic barbarism going on since 5!2 AD).


Yes sir, you are correct; absolutely.

Whatever training our Army has received or whatever the Army is trained for,

It is only rescue work that the Army does all the time,

If there is a Flood – Army is called out

If there is a Fire accident – Army is called out

If there is an Earthquake – Army is called out

If somebody falls into a Bore well pit – Army is called out

If there is a Train accident – Army is called out

For any rescue work – Army is called out

As though, the existence of Army is only for Saving and Salvage works

And after all, when did our Army get a chance to FIGHT the enemy,

Except during II World War and when Wars was thrust on us,

By friendly innocent neighbors such Pakistan & China,

Poor Bangaldesh has not yet attacked us yet,

I just don’t know why …. !!


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