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Chinese Deepaavali From Karadala

September 20, 2014

Deepaavali is fast approaching (23.10.2014),
Our country is flooded and seized with Chinese products of all hues,
People tend to buy Chinese made cheaper items such as Lights, pictures of Goddess Lakshmi and other Gods & Goddesses or other decorative items.
Price alone should not be the criteria for our purchases. There is something like Self-respect and honour.
Just because something is cheap, are we to encourage our Enemy country? And in the process destroy our own Bharatiya artisans?
Think for a while. Let us be true Bharatiya; and purchase only SWADESI products.
We are collectively shelling out around Rs.3,000 crores to the Chinese, only during Deepavali purchases.
Once America attempted to enter Japanese market with US produced Oranges, Japanese said they were not interested.
Still, the Japan markets were flooded with tons of superior quality Oranges, with throwaway prices, in fact Oranges of such quality were actually not available to Japanese earlier.
But the Japanese did not even look at the Oranges, leave alone purchasing.
The reason cited was that “we will not purchase the products of a country which has atom bombed our country”.
Finally, all the shiploads of Oranges were dumped in the sea
Got the point … !!!!


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