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First Ever Encyclopedia of the world is not in English but in Sanskrit From pvvg swamy

July 18, 2014

First Ever Encyclopedia of the world is not in English but in Sanskrit

What has been deliberately suppressed by the Western Scholars rooted in the
Eurocentric Anti-Hindu tradition is that the Keladi King Basava Bhupala
produced the first ever Encyclopedia of the World in any language,
Sivatattva Ratnakara in Sanskrit in 1699 AD, 29 years before the first
Encyclopedia in English by Ephraim Chambers in 1728 and 52 years before the first Encyclopedia in the French Language by Denis Diderot in 1751.

The Sansrkirt Encyclopedia of Basava Bhupala published in 1699 was in no
way less detailed or less verstile than the encyclopedia of Ephraim
Chambers in English published in 1728 (London) or Encyclop├йdie, ou
dictionnaire raisonn├й des sciences, des arts et des m├йtiers of Denis
Diderot in French published in 1751 (Paris).

Saraswathi Venkateswaran has made a signal contribution to the advancement
of Sanskrit learning by producing her thesis on Sivatattva Ratnakara.The
Madras University and its Vice Chancellor Ramachandran have to be
congratulated for recognizing the outstanding academic work of
Dr Smt Saraswathi Venkateswaran.

A pioneering Sanskrit encyclopaedia of 1699 AD
<http://www.newstoda col.php?section= 20&catid= 33&id=16702>


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