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10 Epic Foot-In-The-Mouth Comments Against Modi From pvvg swamy

June 2, 2014

10 Epic Foot-In-The-Mouth Comments Against Modi

16th May 2014

Narendra Modi has led the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) to a sweeping win in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. The Modi-tsunami has also left these people red-faced.
Have a look at what they had said. 
Nothing says “losing” like winning 71 seats in Uttar Pradesh.
Great. Mr. Gowda, how about retiring to the calming environs of Pondicherry or Goa? Or even taking Modi’s offer to move to Gujarat?
Mr. Sibal, you could have spent more time worrying about your own constituency where you are trailing behind BJP and AAP.
Mr. Khan, how soon do you think we can see you as Ms. Khan?
Mr. Jha, save this tweet we did. LOLOLOL!
How do you like the sound of “Charu Prasad Yadav”?
Mr. Aiyar, would you like some salt and pepper to with the crow you’re about to eat?
Because nothing says “stumbling” like losing 22 seats to BJP in Bihar.
Looks like Congress thwarted itself.
This isn’t 2004, Mr. Narayanasamy. Get yourself a new leader, and maybe you’ll have a chance five years down the line. 

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