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Rejoinder From Karadala

April 20, 2014

Brigadier Sri J S Ahuja Ji,


Sat Shri Akal,


With reference to your above comment I wish to mention a few words.


Your remark consists of four (4) parts, let me try to answer in brief to each question:-


   1.  Had Hinduism respected the Sikhism


Answer:- Hindus always respected Sikhism, even from the day-one of Sikhism taking birth. To the best of my knowledge Sikhs have never been looked down upon by Hindus. For after all, who did Hindus ever ill-treated in the entire history of mankind? You must have noticed that, in several Gurudwaras the number of Hindu devotees is either equal to the Sikhs or even more than the Sikh devotees. I myself have witnessed this when I visited Bangla Sahib & Sis Ganj Sahib Gurudwaras in Nayi Delhi.


    2. Created mainly for their protraction


Answer:- Hindus have acknowledged this a million times and still are doing. Perhaps this could be the reason why, Hindus never consider Sikhs as a separate religion (like other non-Hindu religions). There is Roti-Beti-Ka-Rishta among Hindus & Sikhs.


   3.   Things would not have gone that bad.


Answer:- Well, this is a tall order; there are a plethora of reasons for the present state-of-affairs of Hindus and the torments being faced by them. Sikh issue has nothing to do with this


   4.   They (meaning Hindus) did not spare Sikhs in slaughtering them in 1984 riots


Answer:- This is a preposterous statement. Hindus? slaughtering Sikhs? I can’t imagine this in the wildest of my dreams. Hindus have never slaughtered even those who should have been slaughtered. Coming directly to the question of 1984 riots, everybody knows that, it was a Well-planned & Meticulously executed conspiracy of the Congress. You might be aware that Congress hates Hindus even more than the Muslims do.


Had the two Police men who killed Mrs. Gandhi, been Muslims, Congress would not have raised even their little finger.  


And finally, there should not be any animosity between us Hindus & Sikhs who are of the same stock. Let’s fight our common enemy.


Let there be no misunderstanding between us.


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