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Quotable quote From Karadala

April 20, 2014

Quotable quote (appended)


Only, one should have courage to accept TRUTH as-it-is …


 Hindus are Self-deceitful and live in a fool’s paradise,

Hindus are Wholly, Solely and Singularly responsible for their current fate,

No use in blaming others for the torments faced by Hindus,

These fools should come out of their Slumber & Inertia, at least now ….

If not, none will remain to lament for them …..


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =    

The quotes

Sri Rajput Says:-


Any CATHOLIC Defence Minister of Hindusthan and


Italian Mafia will faint seeing the Hindu / Sikh soldiers


marching SMARTLY & PROUDLY in his front.


They are Worlds Apart put together by Hindus’ lack of pride


in NATIVE Religions & Temples (e.g. Ayodhya) and


our apathy to defend TERRITORY (e.g., Partition!).



Sri B K C Says:-


A K Antony has a record of fainting during ceremonial
parades. Several times his body had to be carried away
by our Jawans. 


What a set back to our morale!


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