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INS Vikrant

April 20, 2014

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Hon’ble Chief Justice P. Sathasivam: Requesting Supreme Court to Convert Warship Vikrant to permanent Maritime Museum!
The name Vikrant stands for unassailability and bravery in Sanskrit.

Vikrant, the legendary warship of Indian Navy and hero of 1971 is apt to be preserved as Maritime Museum. India unlike other Naval powers lacks a Aircraft Carrier based Maritime Museum which will serve as a training case study for Naval officers as also students of History and Military Science. The Museum can also serve as naval museum for general public as well as earning valuable foreign exchange for India through foreign visitors. Business houses as a part of their CSR initiative can sponsor a part of corpus fund to reduce state burden. It will be a legacy for future generations as well as for students of relates studies.for students the world over.

We appeal to the honourable Supreme Court, to consider the sentiment of citizens of India and stay the breaking down of INS Vikrant.

Making it into a 1971 war memorial would be the best homage to the heroes of the war and the best honor Vikrant can be bestowed!


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