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Emulate this ideal Village From Karadala

April 20, 2014

Concuduru is a village in Biccawolu Upa-Mandalam of Toorpu Godavari Mandalam in Andhra Pradesh.

The people of this Village are saying “NO VOTE FOR MONEY”

These people are voting for the candidate, whom they consider ‘good’. They simply refuse to accept Money, Inducements, Bribes, Baits or Payoffs from Political parties or Candidates contesting in Elections.

In the recently held local body elections, the voters have, not just refused to accept cash etc., but demanded that, each Candidate should deposit Rs.10,00,000.00 with the Grama Pedda (village president), on the condition that the deposited amount would be forfeited, if the candidate tries to influence the voters in any unethical manner or form to get votes.

After completion of polling, the deposited amount Rs.10,00,000.00 was duly refunded to the Candidates after satisfying that, the candidate has not resorted to any corrupt practice.

Inspired by the example of Concuduru village, two more villages of the same Upa-Mandalam namely Comari Palem and Pandala Pacahave also implemented the same ‘idea’ and successfully forestalled any unethical practices of Politicians.

M/s Sonia, Man Mohan & Co has a lot to learn from the above instances. 

(reported in Yeenaadu Telugu Newspaper dated 16th April, 2014)



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