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Totally unbelievable…. to read and digest….. From swamy

March 30, 2014

Totally unbelievable…. to read and digest…..

I hope some force stops this anomaly and save the innocent 238 lives and I am excluding the captain, as of now, who seems to be doing things that does not gel well with his profession!

The normal commercial plane journey for anyone will no longer be the same again……

Every passenger will think for a while, from now on, whether he/she will ever reach the final destination safely and on time…

 The aircraft was supposed to carry a bio weapon from Malaysia to China.
 The US intelligence dept found out about this and planned the highjack.
 US made the Malaysian pilot to work for them(through money or through force is unknown)
 There is an island called Diego Garcia in the Indian ocean..It is an island under US army control and there is secret defence research carried out over there.
 The flight changed course from its destination to the direction of this island.
 As per the engine report from Rolls Royce the plane traveled for 5 hours after it changed course which is the time taken to reach Diego Garcia
 Investigations  in the pilot’s house revealed he has deleted data from his simulator, restored data revealed he has practiced for the last one month to land the plane in a 1km runway.
 The runway length needed to land a MH370 is 5km, but the runway available in Diego Garcia is 1km only
 So the pilot practiced for 1 month to land the plane in 1km runway in his simulator.
 All the signals were cut down manually from the plane as per analysis.
 The black box will emit radiation for 30 days after crash, but no radiations are detected now, which means it has been kept under a shield.
 The high interest which China shows in this search is due to the weapon
 It is believed the passengers are alive now, but they will be boarded on to the flight and the flight will be blasted after a few days and a drama will be put up like missing flight found crashed
 Missed one more point, the people of Maldives reported seeing the plane flying low…which even confirms the point that the plane was flying to Diego Garcia which is near Maldives

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