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Pay & Get Converted ….. From Karadala

March 10, 2014

Pay & Get converted …..

Seek a Prayer …
You will be asked to Pay-up …..
If can’t Pay …
Then …..
You’ll get a …..

……….  Dialog box



Please select the amount you would like to offer with your request.


I’m sorry, but we cannot post your request without an offering. We can only broadcast requests that have made an offering.





Egg all over my face.  The website / URL that I just cited below seems to be a rip-off.  When I tried to post my request, it immediately came up with a blurb that I had to first make a contribution before they would pray for me!


In other words, “no tickee, no laundry”.  J


So do not, repeat not, send prayer requests to Christian Prayer Center unless you have cash to burn and / or you think it is a genuine organization.


I am getting old – I should have tried to send my prayer request before sending the good (sic!) news about this website / URL.


Have a nice day now,




Double blind studies, the ‘gold standard’, seem to show that prayers work in the case of medical issues. This even if you don’t believe in prayer and don’t even know that you are being prayed for / over.


No one quite knows why yet.  If you are curious and nice and write to me, I will give my opinion / reason why – with citations from different sources.  I don’t ask you to buy a pig in a poke!


Lest all my good right wing Hindutva brethren get into a lather that I have taken a U-turn a la the Rajiv Malhotra model of turncoats, rest assured I have not.  He is to be admired for his energy in the cause of Sanatana Dharma, we can forgive him his OCD behavior.  J


I admire initiative anywhere and we Hindus need to pull up our socks on a lot of things vis a vis ‘the soldiers of Christ’.  We are slowly getting there.  It will probably take another 100 years until an economically resurgent India comes to the fore with the accompanying socio-cultural values of millennia past.  This is assuming they have not been extinguished by then because of aggressive Muslim / Christian / leftist, i.e Mullah / Missionary / Marxist evangelizing.


Kudos to the Christians who are doing this.


BTW I have added my name to the prayed for list.  I am a devout heathen, i.e. going to Hell since I have not accepted Jesus Christ as my / the one and only savior – he is high on my potential saviour list though.  I am a firm believer in heavy cross insurance, just in case!  Iswara / Buddha / Mahavira / Guru Nanak Dev / G-d / Allah / Jesus / Ahura Mazda / Zeus / Other Unnamed Heavy Hitting Alleged Saviours!  J


Oh my God, if there is one, save my soul if I have one!  ‘tis energizing to find this after waking up from post Maha Shivaratri deep nap following (most of the nighter, with a little bit at temple).


Seriously though those who participate as prayers will surely gain karmic merit – here and in the hereafter.


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