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113 Difficulties in Developing World Class Universities From Ravindra Pendurthi

March 10, 2014

Attachment: Book on “113 Difficulties in Developing World Class Universities

Compiled By Dr. Rajiv V. Dharaskar Ph.D. (Computer Engineering), pages 319”.


Dear Academicians, Professionals and Learned,


Well structured, Point well driven home and Elegant in presentation. Identified issues and provided solutions.


The Difficulties include Bottlenecks, Barriers, Hindrances, Obstacles & Hurdles in developing World Class Universities or Institutes, which are highlighted along with genuine opinions of hundreds of experts throughout the world and Solution Space


Attention: Chapter 11: Solution Space 03: Learn a Lesson from Punjab University Page 251

 “What was the basis of selecting Panjab University as the top Indian university?”


“Panjab University has a very strong school for research. It has contributed research papers which have pushed forward the boundaries of knowledge in the field. It is doing research which is influential globally. Its highest score is the citation impact, which is our research influence indicator. It is outstanding in research, which gives it an edge over some of the IITs. 


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