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Boundary lines between countries .From Ramanamurthy M.V.

February 16, 2014
Boundary lines between countries
An interesting collection of country borders photos, from which you will learn how to look at borders of neighboring countries, The boundary between some countries – it is only a symbolic line separating pedestrian sidewalk cafes, house and among others – is a high fence with barbed wire.
Germany / Czech Republic
01 Germany  Czech Republic
Germany and Czech Republic Country Border

Ukraine / Poland

02 Ukraine  Poland

Ukraine and Poland Country Border Line
China / Russia

03 China  Russia

China and Russia Country Border
South Korea / North Korea

04 South Korea  North Korea

South Korea and North Korea
Sweden / Norway

05 Sweden  Norway

Sweden and Norway Country Border Rive Bridge Road
Canada / United States

06 Canada  United States

Canada and United States Country Border Road
(Italy / Switzerland (at an altitude of 3,470 meters above sea level)

07 Italy  Switzerland (at an altitude of 3,470 meters above sea level)

Italy and Switzerland Country Border Road Line Mark
Mexico / USA

08 Mexico  USA

Mexico and USA Country Border
Netherlands / Germany / Belgium Triangle Point
09 Netherlands  Germany  Belgium
Netherlands, Germany and Belgium Triangle Border Pint
Liechtenstein / Austria

10 Liechtenstein  Austria

Liechtenstein and Austria Country Border Road Line
Bangladesh / India

11 Bangladesh  India

Bangladesh and India Country Border Barbed Wire Line
Syria / Iraq

12 Syria  Iraq

The Netherlands / Belgium
13 The Netherlands  Belgium
The Netherlands and Belgium Country Border House
Switzerland / Liechtenstein

14 Switzerland  Liechtenstein

The Netherlands and Belgium Country Border House
Switzerland / Liechtenstein

15 China  India

China and India Country Border Photo
Portugal / Spain

16 Portugal  Spain

Portugal and Spain Country Border Mark
Argentina / Paraguay / Brazil River Triangle Point

17 Argentina - Paraguay - Brazil  Country Border

Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil River Country Border Triangle Point Photo ― Link
Russia / Belarus

18 Russia  Belarus

Russia and Belarus Country Border Road
Austria / Slovakia / Hungary Triangle Border Point

19 Austria  Slovakia  Hungary Border

Austria, Slovakia and Hungary Country Triangle Border Point
India / Pakistan 20 India Pakistan Country Border
India and Pakistan Country Barbed Wire Border Photo

India / Myanmar

21 India Mayanmar

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