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Youth, Religion & Prayer From pvvg swamy

February 3, 2014

Youth is the spring of life, the symbol of vigour, dynamism and

Enthusiasm. It has tremendous potential. It depends on how

The potential is utilised. If channelised properly, it can

Work wonders. If not, it can wreak havoc!


Very often, when all else fails, man turns to God and prays.

But instead of using prayer as a spare wheel, if it is used as

the primary force, it reap rich rewards. Harnessing the

power of prayer will energise all our activities.

All we have to do is ask.


A prayer is a solemn request or thanksgiving to God. Prayer is instinctive to man and no one can do without it, whatever from it may take. To many, prayer is a last-ditch appeal to God to rescue them from desperate circumstances.But this need not be the case, since, through prayer one can establish a connecting link with God to help from beginning to end.

Surely, the secret of success lies in tapping the greatest, inexhaustable reservoir of power conceivable. Therefore, direct prayer to God will ensure our success.


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