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Dr .Kalam said :    “For the last 3,000 years India has been invaded, invaded and invaded.  When  guys were holding guns you were holding swords.

      “ When India’s neighbor was having nuclear weapons, the country could not afford to do ‘tapas’.
   “ We should try whether religion can graduate into spiritualism , managers can graduate into leaders and political leaders turn into political leaders with compassion.
     “The focus would be on how to transform India into a developed nation —  by self-reliance in science, technology, commerce, industry and communication.
  “Transform the nation into a developed nation.”
“My definition of Politics is all about  –
    Creating responsible leaders
    To create empowered Citizens
    To evolve policies that take the Country to higher level.”  – 
This is the Bedrock of the blog

Blog Inauguration Photographs


Blog Inauguration by Padma Bushan Dr. Arun Shouri, Eminent Journalist, Author, Social Activist, Crusader and Ex Central Minister on 17-08-12

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